Joey Logano after winning the race: "I'm out of breath. I'm so excited about this"

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Joey Logano after winning the race: "I'm out of breath. I'm so excited about this"

Joey Logano managed to win today’s race and was obviously overjoyed after all. There was a fight between him and Kyle Busch throughout the race, but in the end Joey Logano was faster, and he fulfilled his dream. "I can’t believe that we’re here at the LA Coliseum and we got the victory with the ol’ Shell Ford Mustang – just an amazing event,” Logano said, as quoted by NASCAR “Congratulations NASCAR – it’s just a huge step in our industry to do this; put on an amazing race for everybody.

Joey Logano never seemed to be this happy, but he revealed another reason for his happiness “I’m out of breath. I’m so excited about this, it’s a big win. My wife’s having a baby tomorrow – our third one – so it’s a pretty big weekend for us”.

Joey Logano happy with his team and car

Joey Logan's team has been working hard, and they seem to be one of the main "culprits" for this kind of success. Obviously, they improved the car as much as they could “The guys working on the car did an amazing job finding speed when we were slow,” he said.

“We were 28th or so on the board yesterday and made some good changes – worked with our teammates – Ryan Blaney a lot." "I owe a lot to him, too, to see some of the gains that they made and ultimately get the win.

Joey Logano's third child will be born soon, and it seems that this is another reason why he can be happy. Logano will have more reason to celebrate “I want to say hey to my buddy (son), Hudson and Jamison and my wife, Brittany.

This is cool. I’m headed home right after this. I told her, if you’re having the baby I’m just running right off
“It’s a special one, so we’re gonna have some fun and celebrate it”.