Toyota Racing president David Wilson delighted with Next Gen car

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Toyota Racing president David Wilson delighted with Next Gen car

Toyota Racing president David Wilson, looked so happy after the first race and believes NASCAR Next Generation made LA Clash so exciting "There’s no question the car was critical to the success of the on-track product and it being to race.

This is a revolutionary product,” Wilson said Thursday, as quoted by motorsport “I hope as we start the season, we’ll be able to talk more about that and I’m sure our (TV) networks will get into it to give our fans an understanding of what makes this car so different and so special.

“The technological relevancy of this car is what allowed us to race on a such a small track. It’s the rack and pinion steering, the independent rear suspension as well as the front suspension, it’s the bigger brakes.

“All of those things allowed us to take a car somewhere that we wouldn’t have been able to do previously. I am encouraged because I believe it opens a portfolio of opportunities for our sport that previously were much more limited”.

Gen-6 car

Motorsport reporters wondered if the Gen-6 car could have produced a similar on-track product "I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Again, we’ll never know. The irony is we wrestled with NASCAR – a lot of us wanted to take the Gen-6 to the Clash because we didn’t want to tear up our brand new stuff." He is pleased with the work that NASCAR has done, and it seems that this season could be quite exciting, especially if we take into account the novelties.

“If it was going to be a crap show so then let’s just take our old crap. We were wrong. We were wrong. I applaud NASCAR for holding the line. This is an example where they had it right – good for them, good for us and good for our fans”. All we have to do is enjoy