Toyota wants to add new teams to the NASCAR Cup

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Toyota wants to add new teams to the NASCAR Cup

Toyota will have high demands this season, after novelties have appeared in NASCAR. While these are challenging times for them, Toyota is already making plans for this and next season “Our general strategy has been very discriminating, taking quality over quantity, but with this new car, by and large, we would be interested in broadening our footprint in the garage and have a more proportional market share"- they said, as quoted by motorsport “We’re always very intentional, because adding cars just doesn’t help, it runs the risk of spreading our resource too thin.

In spite of perception, we have a fixed amount of resource, so there’s the double-edged sword as you add cars you can’t get too thin. “So next year, year after, given the right partners and right opportunities, we’d love to add another organization”.

Toyota growth

Although there are facilities in a smaller group, they seem to want to expand “In terms of supply chain, and getting product developed and to market quicker, that’s always easier with a smaller group – absolutely,” he said.

“But, given the right opportunity, we’d love to see some growth”. Toyota has certainly had great success and it must be admitted that they have a great team full of experts. Many cars have achieved success thanks to them and their creativity.

We will see how he will cooperate with others this season “If you look at our superspeedway results and we’ve punched above our weight over the past few years,” said Wilson. “The irony is we’ve kinda taught the industry about how to go about winning the Daytona 500.

“Denny Hamlin’s win in 2016 was with five [Toyota] cars. Speedway racing has never been the same since. But that’s the beauty of sport, finding that little edge on strategy and getting a little head start, knowing that the others can’t catch up”. We have a long and very interesting season ahead of us