Jacques Villeneuve: "I’ve never stopped wanting to race in NASCAR"

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Jacques Villeneuve: "I’ve never stopped wanting to race in NASCAR"

Jacques Villeneuve will perform again at Daytona International Speedway, and he revealed the reasons why he is returning “The Daytona 500 is one of the three big races on the planet,” Villeneuve said, as quoted by grandprix 247 “You have the Le Mans 24, the Indy 500 and Daytona, so that’s one reason for doing it.

And you know, you have a good race, then you end up doing a few more?”
Team Hezeberg Ford wanted experience in the team, and that’s exactly what they got with Jacques “I’ve never stopped racing.

I’ve never stopped wanting to race in NASCAR, which is why I was racing a little bit in Europe,” he said. “But now with the European team, coming in with a Heisenberg, we got in contact so they were wanting the general experience." "It’s not everyone who wants to drive for an unqualified car.

It’s a tough endeavor and it is a small team. But there are good chances that we make the show”.

Jacques Villeneuve about risking

Although he is aware of the risks he is taking, Villeneuve is ready to do his best and seems to know how to deal with pressure.

"If you don’t make Daytona, having won F1 and the Indy 500, I guess it could be a bit difficult,” he said. “If you don’t make the show, you just damage yourself." "Basically you damage your reputation, you can damage the 30 years of hard work you put into your career.

So there’s always a big risk involved in that aspect. “But I just love racing. I’m passionate. I’m alive when I’m behind a steering wheel and the bigger the race, the better”. He is ready to make a show and show the qualities he possesses, although he has shown it many times so far “It’s going to be quite a weekend, an important weekend,” he said. “If we can make the show in qualifying, it will be a very exciting time.