Denny Hamlin: “These cars lose so much engine power behind other"

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Denny Hamlin: “These cars lose so much engine power behind other"

Denny Hamlin, a great NASCAR driver had trouble in the Daytona 500 after he struggled to stay in the draft “I was at the tail end – this is once I got lapped by the Toyotas because I was trying to push them forward – and I couldn’t hang on.

There’s nothing I could’ve done short of telling the person in front of me where to run on the racetrack to allow me to stay in there, but you can’t do it”. - Hamlin said, as quoted by motorsport Hamltin also revealed the biggest problem “These cars lose so much engine power behind others,” Hamlin added.

“It’s tough. It looks like four is the number. “You can stay in the tail end of the four-car [draft], but once it gets to five the speeds kick up where that last car is really in trouble. “While we can say that the race can look like this or that or there’s only half the field [in the Duels], I do think a lot of the elements that you saw [on Thursday] will happen on the Sunday where the field gets strung out pretty wide”.

Manufacturer and competition

The manufacturer did its best before the season, and the competition seems to be huge at the moment. We'll see how Hamlin and the others manage until the very end “Every manufacturer is different,” he said.

“A lot of it is shapes of cars. As you know the sides of these cars, the bumpers of these cars look a lot different for each manufacturer. “So, all of them will be able to bump draft or push draft or whatever differently.

I don’t know that you could really throw a blanket statement over all of the cars because they are so different, but certainly some bodies lend themselves better to this type of racing than others”.