Matt Kaulig on Daytona 500: "I think they’re going to wreck like crazy!"


Matt Kaulig on Daytona 500: "I think they’re going to wreck like crazy!"

LeafFilter executive chairman Matt Kaulig is aware that there is a risk in the next races on the Daytona 500, given Justin Haley's accident, but also Myatt Snider that happened a few days ago “I think everyone was being a bit careful in the Duels, trying to get a feel for the car, to see what Sunday would be like,” Kaulig told “It’s clearly different from years past, and I actually think it’s going to be a really good show on Sunday.

“What do I think is going to happen in the 500? I think they’re going to wreck like crazy! I think they’re gonna want to go, get up front, and they just can’t help themselves. “The cars seem to suck up to each other pretty easily, so that’s good for passing, so that means getting a good run on somebody means the temptation will be there to pass.

It’s too tempting for these guys to be patient”.

Joey Logano accident and Sunday race

Joey Logano caused an accident in the previous race and took responsibility for himself “Clearly they didn’t mean to do that, it was the last thing they wanted to do,” said Kaulig.

“Thursday night was just an example, when [Buescher] was coming hard inside Logano and they wrecked”. New cars will certainly be something new for all drivers, and it will take a period of time to get used to.

It is clear that everyone has a huge motivation and desire and that it is in this desire that various accidents occur. We'll see if that's the case on Sunday “I think on Sunday they’ll race hard,” he said.

“The awesome thing about these drivers is that they’re so competitive. They cannot help but race." "Every year the 500 is like ‘OK, let’s be patient, it’s 500 miles’ and then they get into it and the competitive juices start to flow.

“The drivers also have to get used to judge how quick someone is coming at them, if they’ve got time to get down and block. They even have to get used to the mirrors, we have a digital rearview mirror now, so now they’re looking through a camera lens. “So it’s all a learning process with this new car”.