Luka Doncic "I'm just excited to be back"

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Luka Doncic "I'm just excited to be back"

Luka Doncic returned to the Dallas Mavericks, but his 30 points with 10 rebounds were not enough to win the Utah Jazz in Salte Lake City. In a tense finale, the host came to victory with a score of 100: 99, and the decisive points 11 seconds before the end were scored by the French center Rudy Gobert.

"I'm just excited to be back," Doncic said after his 30-point, 10-rebound, four-assist performance, per ESPN "I had fun out there, just having fun playing basketball. What could be better than in the playoffs? The playoffs are the most exciting, so I'm just glad to be back."

"Make somebody else shoot, to be honest," Mitchell said when asked the key to the Jazz's stop on the final possession. "[Doncic] hits tough shots. That's what you want. Dinwiddie hit like three of those same shots during the season, so when he shot it I was a little nervous because I've seen him hit those shots.

But at the end of the day, he's shooting over Rudy Gobert, and it's tough."

He said the calf did not bother him.

"At the beginning, I was just thinking about it a little bit," said Doncic, who has averaged 33.3 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 9.1 assists in 14 career playoff games.

"I think in the middle of the game I kind of forgot about it." Doncic also dominated stretches of the game, going 11-of-21 from the floor and 4-of-10 from 3-point range. Gobert had 17 points and 15 rebounds, and Donovan Mitchell 23 points, while the most efficient on the winning team was Jordan Clarkson with 25 points.

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 12 points with four rebounds and two assists for the winners. "I mean, he's Luka," said Gobert, who had 17 points and 15 rebounds. "He doesn't need to go fast to impact the game, and he impacted the game a lot, especially down the stretch. He made some big plays. That's why he is who he is."