Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant reacts to getting swept for first time in his career

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Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant reacts to getting swept for first time in his career

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant refused to be negative after the Nets were swept by the Boston Celtics, saying his focus is now on how he and the team can get better. Durant played his best game of the series on Monday but even his 39 points weren't enough as the Celtics earned a 116-112 win in Brooklyn to complete the sweep the Nets.

"No regrets," Durant said after getting swept for the first time in his career, per ESPN. "S--- happens. No crying over spilled milk. It's about how we can progress and get better from here. We see we've been through a lot this year.

Everybody in the organization knows what we went through. So no time to feel regret or be too pissed off. It's about how we can find solutions to get better, proactive as an organization to get better. "Even the great teams, they don't dwell on what they do, they just try to continue to keep getting better.

So for us, we know what our mistakes were, just try to turn them into strengths. But we can't have no regrets on what we did. S--- just played out the way it played."

Durant not blaming Steve Nash

Some believe Nash is not the right guy to be coaching the Nets.

However, Durant disagrees with that opinion, acknowledging that the Nets have gone through a lot over the last two years and making Nash the scapegoat would be unfair. Durant hopes Nash gets another chance as he has nothing but words of praise for his coach.

"Steve's been dealt a crazy hand the last two years," Durant said. "He's had to deal with so much stuff as a head coach, first-time coach -- trades, injuries, COVID, it's just a lot of stuff he had to deal with.

I'm proud of how he focused and his passion for us. We all continue to keep developing over the summer and see what happens."