Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid makes it clear what he wants from James Harden

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Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid makes it clear what he wants from James Harden

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid dismissed any concerns after the 76ers lost second consecutive versus the Toronto Raptors. The 76ers had a chance to close out their first round series versus the Raptors but Toronto earned a 103-88 win in Philadelphia to reduce the deficit to 3-2.

The series now return to Toronto, where the Raptors will be hoping to win and force Game 7 in Philadelphia. Embiid finished with 20 points, 11 rebounds and four assists in 39 minutes played in Game 5. "We're fine," Embiid said, per ESPN.

"I mean, it's the same recipe. Don't turn the ball over, offensive rebound. We've definitely got to be better defensively, more connected. Defensively, I felt like there [were] a few plays where we were not on point and we didn't have each others' backs.

"But we're fine. There's a reason we won three games in a row. Offensively, we clearly haven't been ourselves and that's really been the reason why we gave up these last two games. So we just got to do better."

Embiid wants a more aggressive James Harden

Harden scored 15 points in Game 5 but he took just 11 shots. After the game, Embiid urged Harden to be himself and more aggressive going forward. "I've been saying all season since he got here, he needs to be aggressive and he needs to be himself," Embiid said.

"That's not really my job. That's probably on Coach to talk to him and tell him to take more shots, especially if they're going to guard me the way they've been guarding. But that's really not my job.

"But we all need to be better offensively. We missed a bunch of wide-open shots. At times, I just felt like we just invited, when I was getting doubled, we were not aggressive attacking the ball. We just kept moving the ball around the perimeter, and that gave them time to recover, and that's why were not able to get anything out of it. "So if that's what they want to keep doing, we've got to take advantage of it."