Stan Van Gundy explains to Knicks fans why Zion Williamson to Knicks is unlikely

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Stan Van Gundy explains to Knicks fans why Zion Williamson to Knicks is unlikely

Stan Van Gundy doubts Zion Williamson will end up with the New York Knicks and listed several reasons why he thinks that won't happen. Williamson, the first overall pick of the 2021 NBA draft, hasn't appeared in any games this season as he is recovering from a foot sutgery.

Some reports suggest there is a friction between Williamson and the Pelicans and that the former No.1 pick might be seeking a way out of New Orleans. “It’s always a plan that all these free agents want to come there,” Van Gundy told The Post.

“And their fans think everybody wants to come to New York to play. But what is the example of that to use — the high-profile free agents who have come there? A lot of New Yorkers think everyone has New York at the top of their list and the Knicks are picking and choosing.

That’s not the way it’s been working the last 20-plus years”.

Van Gundy: It is true that players love to play in the Garden

“I don’t know a player who didn’t like going to the Garden,” Van Gundy added.

“I never understood the allure of it myself. But the players think it’s a big deal to play [there], from everybody I coached. That doesn’t mean they want to play for the Knicks or live there. “But everybody thinks this guy loves playing at the Garden: ‘Oh, s–t, he’s going to want to play for the Knicks.’ I don’t know if that holds up.

Even if you want to go to New York, is the Knicks where you want to go to?” Also, Van Gundy suggested the Knicks are not in position to make an offer that would intrigue the Pelicans. “Can Zion go there [to the Knicks]? Yeah, definitely could.

But what are you giving them back? You’re going to give them a lot. You’re not giving them [Knicks center] Mitchell Robinson and a first-round pick for Zion. Of course you like that trade. It’s never going to happen”.