The end of the season in the NBA league for Nikola Jokić despite another great game

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The end of the season in the NBA league for Nikola Jokić despite another great game
The end of the season in the NBA league for Nikola Jokić despite another great game

The Milwaukee and Golden State basketball players advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs with last night's victories against Chicago and Denver, respectively, and in both matches, the final result in the series was 4-1.

Milwaukee came to a new and decisive victory against Chicago at home on the wings of the great Antetokounmpo, and the final result was 116: 110 for the Bucks. Already after the first section, the home basketball players had an advantage of 34:18, and by halftime, they managed to increase it further and go to the break with an already unattainable 18 points difference.

It was 60:42, although at one point the other stocks also had a 29-point advantage. In the continuation, they routinely brought the match to an end, kept the advantage and secured the victory, and scheduled a duel against Boston in the next round.

Until the triumph, they were carried by the already mentioned Antetokounmpo who scored 33 points with nine rebounds and three assists, while in the ranks of Chicago stood out Williams who scored 23 points.

Jokic could not help Denver

The victory in the first series of the playoffs was reached by the Golden State team, which celebrated at home against Denver with a score of 102: 98, and they were led to victory by Curry last night, who scored 30 points with five rebounds and as many assists.

Denver was not helped by the unstoppable Nikola Jokic, who scored 30 points and added 19 rebounds and eight assists. According to the media, Jokic also had problems with the injury of the backbox in the second half, and he also struggled with violations because he made four in six minutes of the third quarter.

Golden State will play against the better player from the duel between Memphis and Minnesota in the next round of the playoffs, and there is the current result of 3: 2 for the Grizzlies. The Nuggets are expected to give Jokic the largest supermax deal in NBA history.

"I would like it, of course," Jokic said when asked about a contract extension, per ESPN. "But it's not something that I'm deciding. I think if [the] offer is on the table, of course, I'm going to accept it because I really like the organization, I really like the people who work here. I'm in [a] really good relationship with everybody from [the] owner to equipment manager."