Skip Bayless: Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant need to hide behind a burner account

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Skip Bayless: Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant need to hide behind a burner account

Skip Bayless ’has always been a big fin of Kevin Durant, but he now seems to have changed his mind and his words have been quite harsh. In one of the episodes of The Skip Bayless Show, he gave his opinion regarding Durant and thus shocked many.

At one point, he even compared him to the legendary Michael Jordan. “Can you imagine any other superstar from Michael Jordan on down needing to hide behind a burner account?”- Bayless said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Kevin Durant had burner accounts in which he defended himself and his performances. Bayless believes that Durant has shown low self-esteem with this move and that he should be working on it, “Again, we’re talking about Kevin Durant, the thinnest skin superstar I have ever encountered or tried to figured out and it began to dawn on me that he was actually extremely oversensitive and underconfident”.

After all that has happened, many have decided to criticize Harden and his behavior, but this only shows how much social media has an impact on individual athletes and that it must be worked on. It is obvious that individuals have a problem accepting criticism, which is reasonable because most fans on social media do not choose their words, insult and belittle someone's performance.

Kevin Durant on his burner accounts

Kevin Durant has revealed that he will continue to do so, and will create more burner accounts. “I still have burners that I use for sure. I have a burner Twitter account still. When people use that burner thing against me, they only thought I was on there just to talk s*it.

I was really indulging a lot of different communities on my burners. When I deleted it I was like, ‘these people really made me delete what I enjoy, which is my burner account… so I got another one.