Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler reveals how he feels about Joel Embiid suffering injury

Butler won't have a chance to go against Embiid in Game 1 as Embiid is out due to an injury.

by Dzevad Mesic
Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler reveals how he feels about Joel Embiid suffering injury

Jimmy Butler says he is sorry Joel Embiid got injured and that he will be forced to miss Game 1 of the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers Eastern Conference semifinals series. With just less than four minutes left to play in Game 6 versus the Toronto Raptors, Embiid took a hit for Pascal Siakam.

After the game, it was announced Embiid sustained a right facial fracture and a mild concussion. Embiid will miss Game 1 and there is a chance he will be forced to miss more games. Butler used to play with Embiid as he was playing in Philadelphia before he signed with the Heat.

"I feel bad for my guy," Butler said, per ESPN. "Obviously, one of my former teammates, arguably the MVP of this league. And I think I speak for everybody that's a part of this team, we want Jo to play. We want to go up against them at full strength and prove that we can hang with anybody and we can beat anybody.

It's a mishap. I hope he recovers well and gets back very, very soon."

Butler on Philadelphia being without Embiid

Embiid is the key player In Philadelphia and not having him will be a major hit for the 76ers. Embiid puts up big numbers on the offensive side and he also plays a strong defense.

"I'm not an analytics guy, obviously," Butler said. "But I was told that they're a much better team defensively whenever he's on the floor as they should be. I would guess offensively as well. The way that he draws double, triple, quadruple teams.

I think it's quint-teams with all five guys that are guarding him. "And he makes the right plays as well -- but he's been doing this a long time in this league, damn sure has been this year. He would get my vote for MVP. It's going to be a challenge but they beat us once without him."

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