Joel Embiid reveals how he felt about 'F--- you Embiid' chants in Toronto

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Joel Embiid reveals how he felt about 'F--- you Embiid' chants in Toronto
Joel Embiid reveals how he felt about 'F--- you Embiid' chants in Toronto

Joel Embiid says he feels no animosity towards Pascal Siakam because he didn't think that his hit was intentional. In Game 6, Embiid sustained a hit from Siakam, after which he sustained a facial fracture and mild concussion.

Embiid missed Games 1 and 2 versus the Miami Heat, before returning to the lineup on Friday. Also, Embiid reflected on the "F--- you Embiid" chants he received in Toronto. "I don't think it was intentional," Embiid said, per ESPN.

"That's my guy, obviously. It's unfortunate. I don't think he meant to do it. But, you know, I was more irritated by the perception of when that happened by really the fans and I've always thought they have great fans, but I kind of changed my mind about, you know, the fans up there.

Whether it throughout the series, the 'F---' chants and all that stuff. That's cool."

Embiid: Those chants don't get to me

When Embiid was heckeld by the chants, he didn't want to respond because he saw there were kids in the stands.

Embiid didn't want to respond because there were kids but also because he wasn't bothered by those chants. "It never gets to me, anyways. I think they got mad because I did the airplane celebration, but it's been going on in a few arenas these days where, the fans, they just feel like, it's okay to just say 'F--- somebody.'

There's a bunch of kids in the arena. I don't think that should be OK, even if there wasn't kids, but it's almost like, if you respond to it is almost like, in the Draymond situation, the league fines you," Embiid said. "It doesn't bother me.

I'm just speaking for, really, everybody in the NBA. Like I said, if you give it you also got to be able to take it. And I've said it about our fans too, when they boo. If the players are gonna go back, you got to be able to take it, too."

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