Milwaukee: Shoot outside the arena after Game 6

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Milwaukee: Shoot outside the arena after Game 6
Milwaukee: Shoot outside the arena after Game 6 (Provided by Financial World)

In Milwaukee, close to the Fiserv Forum, after the defeat in game-6 of the home franchise against the Boston Celtics, there was a shooting, with three people who were reportedly injured by gunshots. There was general panic as the Bucks exited the arena, with fans fleeing into the street and a terrified crowd.

Police said in a statement that a woman and a man were immediately taken to hospital because of their injuries, while a third man was also slightly injured, while a 29-year-old was arrested for allegedly responsible for the attack.

Outside the arena there were about 11,000 people, who then fled in every direction at the end of the match after the shooting, terrified by the gunshots. Fortunately, a tragedy was averted. The shots would have come from the Deer District which for the occasion was filled with people and fans.

In fact, more than 11,000 people gathered outside the Bucks arena to support their players. The shooting took place shortly after the end of the match and according to some witnesses it could have resulted from a fight in a nearby bar.

Milwaukee Bucks spokesman Barry Baum: "The incident occurred just outside the Deer District. We will direct any questions in the case to the Milwaukee Police Department."

meanwhile Danny Green, after the knee injury suffered in Game-6 against Miami, finished the season and he risks the career. Exams revealed cruciate ligament and collateral ligament rupture for the Sixers veteran.

Green was injured at the beginning of the game due to a chance contact with Joel Embiid, who had collapsed on him causing an unnatural shear of his partner's knee, forcing him to leave the field supported by arms. At 35 and with an unsecured contract, his career could be in jeopardy.

At the time of the definition of the playoff scoreboard, the possible cross between Boston and Milwaukee in the second round had immediately appeared as one of the most interesting. The two teams, closed the regular season with an identical record of 51-31 and due to which it was necessary to resort to the 5th tiebreaker to assign the placings, promised to give life to a very balanced challenge.

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