Jayson Tatum voices frustration, accepts blame after Game 1 loss

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Jayson Tatum voices frustration, accepts blame after Game 1 loss

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum voiced frustration and accepted blame for the Celtics' collapse in the third quarter of Game 1 versus the Boston Celtics. The Celtics made a good start to Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals as they had an eight-point lead at half.

After a strong first half, the Celtics suffered a stunning collapse in the third quarter as the Heat won that quarter 39-14. Tatum, who finished with 29 points, committed six turnovers in the third quarter alone. In the end, the Heat won 118-107.

"I think obviously I don't want to turn the damn ball over and s--- like that," Tatum said, per ESPN. "But I guess throughout the course of a game, things happen, and they go on runs. That's what they did.

"Throughout the course of the playoffs, we've done a great job of responding to runs after calling timeout, things like that. But for whatever reason we didn't today. I'll be the first one to say I'll take the blame for that.

I've got to lead better. I've got to play better, especially in those moments. I'm just looking forward to responding next game."

Tatum scored just eight points in the second half

Tatum had 21 points at half but then shot just 1-of-7 from the field in the second half.

Besides Tatum, Jaylen Brown had a solid performance, scoring 24 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Brown said the Celtics weren't trying to find excuses but noted that being without two starters - Marcus Smart and Al Horford - wasn't ideal.

"We've got to be even more disciplined," Brown said. "Obviously, we weren't prepared to be without Al. We definitely weren't prepared to be without Al and Smart. It's not an excuse; we've got to be better.

"We still had control of the game in the first half. We lost control in the third quarter. We've just got to be better. Got to play better on both sides of the ball, more discipline. We fouled entirely too much, and we let the game slip away from us. That's the story."