Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson on Andrew Wiggins locking up Luka Doncic on defense

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Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson on Andrew Wiggins locking up Luka Doncic on defense

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson acknowledged Andrew Wiggins was the No. 1 pick for a reason after the froward locked up Luka Doncic in Game 1. Doncic has been absolutely brilliant throughout the entire playoffs but on Wednesday Wiggins locked him up in Game 1 of the Warriors and Dallas Mavericks.

Wiggins was the primary defender on Doncic, who shot 6-of-18 from the field and finished with 20 points, way below his playoff average. Stopping Doncic was the key as the Warriors won Game 1 112-87. "He was moving them puppies tonight," Thompson said, per ESPN.

"That's why he was the No. 1 pick. You can't teach that athleticism. You can't teach that length. You can't teach his timing. I'm just happy the world is getting to see who he really is, and that's an incredible wing player, and he will be like this for the next 10 years."

Thompson, Stephen Curry on Wiggins stopping Doncic

There were times during the game when Thompson picked up Doncic full court. Doncic finished the game with seven turnovers and three of those seven turnovers were forced by Wiggins.

"It's a tactic obviously in terms of just making guys work," Curry said. "It's just one more thing to think about. I wouldn't say it bothers you but something you can't try to overcome. Wiggs is going to keep doing it, but it's just one more thing to think about and that's good playoff basketball."

The Warriors surrendered just 87 points in Game 1 and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was thrilled with the defense his players delivered on Wednesday night. "It was an excellent defensive night overall," Kerr said.

"You know, we had the second-ranked defense in the league this year. We take pride in our defense. Everybody sort of leans on Draymond [Green]. Draymond sets the tone for us. We had a good defensive night. But we can't let our guard down." The Warriors host the Mavericks in Game 2 on Friday night.