Stephen Curry confident Warriors will respond in Game 2 versus Celtics

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Stephen Curry confident Warriors will respond in Game 2 versus Celtics

The Golden State Warriors suffered a devastating loss in Game 1 of the NBA Finals but Stephen Curry is confident they can bounce back in Game 2. On Thursday night, the Warriors entered the fourth quarter with a 12-point but suffered a stunning collapse in the fourth quarter as the Boston Celtics claimed a 120-108 victory.

Game 2 is scheduled for Sunday and the Warriors simply can't afford to lose the game and head to Boston with a 0-2 deficit. "Even moments throughout the regular season where things are starting to get away from us a little bit at times," Curry said, per ESPN.

"And kind of have your 'come-to-Jesus' moment, like we need to play right. How are we going to flip the script and get things back on the right track? We usually responded pretty well."

Curry: We are here for a reason

The Warriors made five consecutive NBA Finals between 2015 and 2019 but this group features some new names.

Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, who have played a key part in the Warriors' run to the NBA Finals, are playing their first NBA Finals series. "It's the first time for a lot of things with this particular group," Curry said.

"We are here in the Finals for a reason, because we figured it out along the way. If we're going to get back in this series, we've got to figure it out again." Draymond Green, one of the team leaders, underlined the Warriors have to play with more tenacity on the defensive side of the ball.

"We have to play with more force on the defensive end," Green stated. "I think there were times in the game when they didn't feel us; when you're playing against a great team at this level at this point in the season, they have to feel you every possession. We just have to make sure they feel us every possession."