Draymond Green identifies what Warriors did well in Game 2 victory over Celtics

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Draymond Green identifies what Warriors did well in Game 2 victory over Celtics

The Golden State Warriors blew a big lead in Game 1 of the NBA Finals but on Sunday impressively bounced back as they beat the Boston Celtics 107-88 to tie the series to one win apiece. In Game 1, the Warriors entered the fourth quarter with a 12-point lead but ended up losing the game by 12.

On Sunday, the Warriors hosted the Celtics in Game 2 and got the job done done to avoid going to Boston with a 0-2 deficit. "It was definitely an attitude adjustment," Green said, per ESPN. "They are who we thought they were.

So we knew we had to keep our foot on the gas pedal and not let up, and we did that."

Green wanted a better defensive effort

After a Game 1 loss, Green made it clear the Warriors needed to step on the defensive end of the ball in Game 2.

Green came out energetic on the defensive end and that kind of set the tone for the Warriors. "Guys follow me on that side of the ball," Green said of setting the tone defensively. "If I'm not sending a message, who is sending that message?" Even though the Celtics dropped Game 2, they head back to Boston with a favorable 1-1 record in the series.

Now it's up to the Warriors to try to steal one road game. "We put ourselves right back in position to take control of the series," Green said "Now we haven't taken control of it yet. But we have put ourselves in position to go and take control of it." The Warriors had a narrow two-point lead at the halftime but a stunning third quarter - which they by a 21-point margin - was the key point of the game.

The game was basically over after three quarters as the Warriors routinely closed out the game in the fourth quarter. On Wednesday, the Celtics host the Warriors in Game 3. It remains to be seen if the Warriors can win Game 3 and return the home court advantage.