Curry and Warriors destroyed Boston in the second half of the game

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Curry and Warriors destroyed Boston in the second half of the game

The Golden State Warriors tied the final series (1-1) and defeated the Boston Celtics 107-88 at home, led by Stephen Curry. A very tense game was played at the Chase Center until the beginning of the third quarter, the Warriors went on pause with only two points advantage, but then they threw in higher speed, took the third quarter with 35-14 and escaped to an unattainable advantage.

All hopes for a turnaround were resolved right at the start of the last quarter, which the home team opened with 6-0 and a huge +29.

Steve Kerr gave Steph Curry credit

When asked about the Warriors’ performance in the third quarter, Steve Kerr gave Steph Curry credit.

While Curry’s known for his long-distance shooting and offensive arsenal, Kerr praised his point guard’s defense, conditioning and physicality. Yeah, Steph was breathtaking in that quarter. Not just the shot-making but the defensive effort.

He just doesn’t get enough credit for his level of conditioning, physicality and defense. People go at him to try to wear him down because they know how important he is to us offensively, and it’s pretty dramatic the difference in Steph’s strength and physicality in his body now than from eight years ago when I first got here.

So the guy’s amazing. He just keeps working on his game, his strength, his conditioning year after year, and it’s a pleasure to watch him play every night. Curry was the first name of the match, scoring 29 points and adding six rebounds and four assists.

Jayson Tatum was in the best mood with the visiting team (28p, 6s, 3a), but he also lost in the second half in which he scored only seven of his 28 points. Jaylen Brown added 17 for the Celtics and Derrick White 12. Al Horford, who excelled in the first leg, had a bad night this time in which he scored just two points.

In the Warriors lineup, Curry was followed by Jordan Poole with 17 points, Kevon Looney scored 12, Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins with 11 each. The next match is played in Boston.