'Fake Klay': the man who pretended to be Thompson to enter the Chase Center!

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'Fake Klay': the man who pretended to be Thompson to enter the Chase Center!
'Fake Klay': the man who pretended to be Thompson to enter the Chase Center! (Provided by Financial World)

Dawson Gurley or Fake Klay, is the double (presumed at least, given the not much resemblance!) of Klay Thompson. Yet Fake Klay managed to evade the security of Chase Center in San Francisco, incredibly managing to enter the arena even going so far as to make shots for the basket!

All Chase Center Arena is the NBA Finals game 5 between Golden State and Boston. Fake Klay showed up with his team's outfit, with the most training sweatshirt with a hood to better cover his face, passing safety until he shot for a basket, as the real Klay would have done.

However, Fake Klay got a lifetime ban from the Chase Center arena. Fake Klay stayed in the complex for several hours, posing for selfies with the fans and for some TV interviews. VP of arena security brought him a letter announcing that he was banned for life.

Fake Klay in a video said will Boston go to game-6 at TD Garden? Regarding the man, an idol among the fans, Steve Kerr said: "Once I looked at him I thought Klay had eaten a few burgers too many."

Klay Thompson's career

On November 18, 2020, Klay is injured during a workout a few hours before the 2020 NBA Draft, the next day it is announced that the player will have to stay out for another season due to an injury to the Achilles tendon, similar injury to the one by Kevin Durant in the 2019 NBA Finals.

On January 9, 2022, after 941 days, he returned to the field against the Cleveland Cavaliers, scoring 17 points and 3 triples as well as a memorable dunk on Lauri Markkanen and Lamar Stevens. In 2014 he played for the first time in the senior national team, and was called up for the World Cup in Spain which he later won.

In 2016, however, he won gold at the Rio Olympics. In Rio he was important in the 100-97 win in the group stage against France in which he scored 30 points, and in the semifinal with Spain won 82-76 with 22 points of him. Klay is an extraordinary three-point shooter, considered one of the best three-point shooters ever along with Stephen Curry, Ray Allen and Reggie Miller.

He is particularly adept at catch-and-shoot thanks to the remarkable release speed of his shot. He also stands out in the defensive phase by exploiting the above-average height in his role and the ability to move without the ball, he is in fact considered one of the best defensive guards in the league.

He is also distinguished by his mild personality, rarely seen showing emotions during matches.

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