Who is Paolo Banchero, 1st Choice NBA Draft?

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Who is Paolo Banchero, 1st Choice NBA Draft?

Paolo Banchero, was born on November 12, 2002 in Seattle and raised in Washington state, playing for O’Dea High School before choosing Duke for his freshman year at the college. Banchero was also included in the third All-American quintet, which reward the best talent out of college.

Banchero showed up at the 2022 Draft at Barclays Center with mum Rhonda dad Mario, wearing a sparkling purple suit. Paolo's father, of Italian origins, got his son to obtain Italian citizenship in 2020, who said: "I want to play with the Italian national team!

I want to bring a winning mentality, a great work ethic, I'm ready to get to work with my new mates. I couldn't be happier to be a member of the Orlando Magic!" Banchero is 2.05 meters tall, has great mobility and effectiveness in movements.

He is a very flexible player, who can manage every position on the court.

Who is Paolo Banchero, 1st Choice NBA Draft?

Mario Banchero, Paolo's father, played college football for the Washington Huskies before giving up the sport and opening a butcher's shop selling Italian sausages in Seattle.

Rhonda Smith, Paolo's mother, played for Washington, retiring as the best all-time scorer in the history of the university. Selected in the WNBA's 2000 Draft, she first worked as a professional before becoming a coach of the Holy Names Academy in Seattle.

Very skilled basketball player in every way and from every position, she makes athletic strength another of her strengths. He said to Sky Sport: "I am convinced that I can prove that I am the best player among the talent coming to the NBA and that I have versatility and vision on my side." After playing for a season at Duke University, on June 23, 2022 he was chosen by the Orlando Magic with the 1st overall choice in the 2022 NBA Draft.

He was selected as the first overall choice in the 2022 NBA Draft, becoming the second first choice of Italian citizenship after Andrea Bargnani.