Problems in the Lakers, the two biggest stars are not talking to each other

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Problems in the Lakers, the two biggest stars are not talking to each other

The FAMOUS NBA franchise Los Angeles Lakers found itself in new problems after a season in which its star-studded team did not make the playoffs. The two biggest players, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, are not on speaking terms, according to the American media, who write that the two met at a Summer League game and failed to exchange a single word.

They are ignoring each other, writes Sports Illustrated, adding that it is the biggest news from the Lakers' preseason game that they did not speak to each other in public. "Maybe it means something, maybe it means nothing, and maybe it means everything," writes Athletic's Jovan Buha.

Let us remind you that this information comes at a time when the Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets are intensively negotiating an exchange centered on Russell Westbrook. In the opposite direction, Kyrie Irving could.

The awkward dynamic between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook

In any scenario, LeBron James sitting courtside would steal the show at a Summer League game.

But what transpired on Friday was particularly noteworthy, though. As a parade of people came to dap up LeBron courtside, teammate Russell Westbrook was not among them as the two sat at opposite ends of the court. That lack of interaction came nearly one year to the date when the two had a very public bromance in Las Vegas.

On this week’s episode of “Can U Dig It,” a podcast by the Silver Screen & Roll network, I welcome in our own Cooper Halpern for a long overdue in-person episode in Las Vegas. We start off with the hot-button topic of the weekend in the odd staredown between James and Westbrook on Friday.

Then, the discussion moves to what is causing this awkward dynamic between Russ, LeBron and the Lakers. While Darvin Ham has remained adamant in Russ being part of next year’s team, the Lakers front office continues to shop him actively.

While neither side is necessarily wrong in doing so, it’s creating a situation that showed itself publicly on Friday.

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