Deandre Ayton close to the Indiana Pacers!


Deandre Ayton close to the Indiana Pacers!

Summer in the NBA isn't just about Draft and its choices. The transfers and the rumors about them ignite these days and precisely these hours, with the top players and the young NBA hopes who are ready to find the team of their dreams, or to be dumped from their franchise, which have now become a huge burden in technical economies.

and tactics of their teams. We experienced the Draft just a few days ago, with all the choices that allowed the teams to get the most promising players, such as Italo-Americano Banchero, first choice of the Draft. The leadership of the Nets is working to find the best trade to sell Kevin Durant without losing too much in competitiveness.

At the moment, however, there are no negotiations. Durant initially indicated Miami and Phoenix as his favorite destinations, but KD's willingness at the moment moves little in a deal where the Nets are focused on maximizing the divestiture: the request at the moment is to obtain a young All-Star and to prospect plus a conspicuous haul of choices on the first round.

Summer in the NBA isn't just about Draft and its choices

Los Angeles Lakers would like to get to Irving instead. However, Lakers have few good draft choices to use in an eventual trade, such as the Pacers. The Indiana Pacers team should make an offer to DeAndre Ayton, or alternatively agree with the Suns to complete a sign-and-trade.

Different franchises that have come forward with the Jazz to try to put Donovan Mitchell under contract, convinced of the fact that in Salt Lake City they want to start a process of rebuilding the roster. Cam Thomas, chosen at the end of the first round of the 2021 Draft by the Nets and immediately became a player capable of making a basket continuously even at NBA level.

Cleveland, Dallas and New Orleans are upon him. Aron Baynes has also been contacted in recent days from Boston, which however has stressed that he has no intention of reserving a place on the roster for him for now.

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