Miles Bridges accused of domestic violence

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Miles Bridges accused of domestic violence

Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets was charged with three counts of domestic violence after assaulting his girlfriend in front of their two children last June 2022.
Bridges was arrested on June 29 in Los Angeles and then released on $ 130,000 bail.

NBA player will face charges before Los Angeles County Superior Court later this week. NBA that the Hornets have issued releases. Hornets explained: "These are extremely serious allegations that we will continue to follow." NBA pointed out: "As this is a legal matter, we currently have no further comment." So Bridges has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend and mistreating two minors from Los Angeles County and will face the charges in a court of law this week.

The Hornets commented that these are very serious allegations that will continue to follow, but without further comment.

Miles Bridges accused of domestic violence

Bridges agent Rich Paul did not respond to questions from the Associated Press following the statement from the Attorney General.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon formalized the allegations of assaulting Bridges' partner Mychelle Johnson and mistreating minors in circumstances or conditions capable of causing serious injury or death.

Accused of causing severe physical harm to a victim of domestic violence: "Domestic violence causes physical, mental and emotional trauma that have a long-lasting impact on those who overcome them. Children who have witnessed episodes of violence in the family are particularly vulnerable and the impact on them is incalculable." The episodes happened in late June, just before starting a free agency that would almost certainly have earned him a multimillion-dollar contract for the next few seasons.

Instead now he risks going to jail. After two seasons in the NCAA championship with Michigan State he made himself eligible for the 2018 NBA Draft, being chosen as 12th overall pick by the Los Angeles Clippers and immediately traded to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for 11th choice Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.