NBA GM explains why Carmelo Anthony to Warriors would make sense

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NBA GM explains why Carmelo Anthony to Warriors would make sense

One NBA general manager says it would be a nice story if Carmelo Anthony signed with the Golden State Warriors and won a championship there. Anthony, 38, signed with the Los Angeles Lakers last summer, hoping to win his first NBA ring.

Anthony choosing the Lakers wasn't really a surprise since the Lakers were considered as one of the top favorites for the NBA title last year. Instead of contending for the NBA title, the Lakers had one of the most disappointing seasons in team history and didn't even make the postseason.

Anthony is now carefully considering his options and one general manager explained to Sean Deveney of Heavy Sports why Anthony signing with the Warriors would make sense. “It would be a nice story, if he could win a ring there to end his career,” the general manager told Sean Deveney of

“Golden State has the room for him. He can make shots and they can hide up his defense, which is one of the big problems with adding him. He’d take the minimum. They have a lot of young guys on that roster, they could do with another veteran and those guys all know Carmelo from Team USA.

I do not know if they would really take that plunge on him, but it does make some sense”.

Anthony may still return to the Lakers

LeBron James was the driving force behind Anthony signing with the Lakers. For many years, James and Anthony were speaking about the possibility of playing together.

The Lakers had a very disappointing 2021/22 season but James is still a member of the Lakers and Anthony may still decide to return to the Lakers and try to win it all with his close friend. Anthony is past his prime but he is still a valuable asset and can be a productive scorer off the banch.

Last season, Anthony averaged 13.3 points per game and he did his part of the job. It remains to be seen where will Anthony play next season.