What negotiations around Donovan Mitchell!

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What negotiations around Donovan Mitchell!

Los Angeles Lakers are considering the purchase of Donovan Mitchell, but he should end up signing for the New York Knicks. However, New York will have to come up with a plan to buy Mitchell and afford the skyrocketing salaries of his other stars.

Here then is that the knicks would like to terminate Julius Randle's contract, a contract worth over 100 million dollars. Lakers are watching the story with interest, ready to enter a trade to get rid of Russell Westbrook and add Julius Randle.

Lakers had chosen the player in the 2014 Draft: he played in Los Angeles three seasons before ending up at the Pelicans in the exchange to get Anthony Davis.

Donovan Mitchell's highlights

Donovan a sister named Jordan. In 2010 he participated in The Decision, in which LeBron James announced on live television that he was going to play in the Miami Heat.

A year after his debut on November 18, 2017 in the NBA, he signs a contract with Adidas for the creation of a new custom shoe. Its great speed and the remarkable opening of the arms make it a spider on the passing lines, a characteristic that has given it the nickname of Spider.

Despite the height more suited to a point guard than a shooting guard, Mitchell is a fast and physically explosive player. An excellent defender with a strong ability to steal balls, during the years in Louisville he improved his shooting technique from three which made him formidable even from the perimeter.

For his playing style he is compared to Dwyane Wade. In college Mitchell joins Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals. The first year, however, is not exciting: 7.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 1.7 assists with only 25% on the three-point shot.

In the second year, however, there is the redemption: 15.6 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game, with the 3-point percentage rising up to 35%. Despite his excellent performance, Louisville comes out in the second round of the NCAA tournament, but for Mitchell the doors of the NBA open wide.

He will later reveal his initial intention to postpone his NBA arrival for a year, but Chris Paul and Paul George convinced him to declare himself eligible for the 2017 NBA Draft.