Richard Jefferson explains why LeBron James is not yet a Lakers great

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Richard Jefferson explains why LeBron James is not yet a Lakers great

Richard Jefferson feels LeBron James hasn't done enough to be considered as the Los Angeles Lakers' all-time great. In the summer of 2018, James signed with the Lakers. In his first four seasons in Los Angeles, James has won one championship.

In 2020, James led the Lakers to their NBA title since 2020. After winning the title, the Lakers missed out on the playoffs in the last two seasons. “LeBron James has not done enough as a Laker to be on that list,” Jefferson said.

“Bron been there now — this is his fourth season, right? They’ve been in there four seasons. Two years, they haven’t made the postseason. One year, they lost in the first round. And one year, they won a championship”.

James does not want to leave the Lakers

James is eligible to sign a two-year extension worth around $97 million. The Lakers are coming off disappointing back-to-back seasons but James' feelings about Los Angeles haven't changed.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported that he is "not sensing that James wants to leave the Lakers." “I don’t sense that LeBron wants to leave the Lakers,” Windhorst said on ESPN Daily. “But I would be remiss to not point out that the Cavs have positioned themselves to have huge salary cap space next summer when LeBron could potentially be a free agent and they have this growing young team.

In fact, the team that they have right now is more potent than the team that they had that he returned to in 2014." After two very disappointing seasons, James will be determined to bounce back next season. Even though James is 37, he proved this past season that he is still one of the most dominant players in the league.

The Lakers haven't yet found a trade partner for Russell Westbrook and there is a chance James, Westbrook and Anthony Davis get another chance to prove they can win together.