John Wall: I thought about committing suicide

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John Wall: I thought about committing suicide

John Wall revealed there was a time in the last three years where he was contemplating suicide. In 2019, Wall's mother lost her battle with cancer. Short time later, Wall's grandmother also passed away. While Wall was dealing with the loss of his loved ones, he was also sidelined due to an Achilles injury.

Over the last three seasons, Wall has appeared in just 40 games. Last season, the Houston Rockets sent Wall home at the start of the season and he spent a whole season sidelined. This offseason, Wall signed with the Los Angeles Clippers.

"Darkest place I've ever been in," Wall said, per ESPN. "At one point in time, I thought about committing suicide. I mean, just tearing my Achilles, my mom being sick, my mom passing, my grandma passed a year later, all this in the midst of COVID and at the same time, me going to chemotherapy, me sitting by my mom taking her last breaths wearing the same clothes for three days straight laying on the couch beside her."

Wall in a much better place now after seeking professional help

"We're all going through times, nobody's got it easy, but I don't think a lot of people could get through what I went through," Wall added.

"And to me to get back on top where I want to be and seeing the fans still want me to play, having the support from my hometown, this important period means a lot. I went to find a therapist. A lot of people think, 'I don't need help, I can get through it at anytime,' but you've got to be true to yourself and find out what's best for you."

Now, Wall is a member of the Clippers. On paper, the Clippers have one of the strongest teams in the NBA as they are led by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Wall thinks he can contribute for the Clippers and help the team reach their ultimate goal of winning a championship.