Gilbert Arenas explains why Stephen Curry isn't really mentioned in GOAT debate

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Gilbert Arenas explains why Stephen Curry isn't really mentioned in GOAT debate

Gilbert Arenas has placed Stephen Curry in his top-10 all-time list but added that the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter will "always be slighted in the GOAT debate because he is little." Curry, a four-time NBA champion, is widely considered as one of the greatest shooters in basketball history.

On his resume, Curry also has two NBA MVPs, eight All-Star appearances, four All-NBA First-Team selections. This past season, Curry led the Warriors to the title and he was named the NBA Finals MVP for the first time in his career.

“Without even just diving into my list [of All-Time greats], I’m gonna just go and say he’s gonna be Top 10,” Arenas said on VladTV when talking about Curry. “Somehow I’m gonna put him in a Top 10 knowing what I know, knowing his work ethic, knowing his height, knowing what he does, the excitement being a guard, being a guard in Golden State where I was a guard too.

I’m gonna put him in a Top 10, just off of rip. It’s one of those things. I’ma put him and then I’ll try to figure it out from there”.

Arenas on why Curry isn't viewed as a legitimate candidate for the GOAT title

“He’s gonna always be slighted because he’s little,” Arenas said.

“It’s like we have this idea of what a GOAT is supposed to be – 6’6″ and above. When it comes to smaller guys, you have to do so much more to get the same credit. You gotta remember, he’s not a highlight reel when it comes to jumping and dunking and all this aerial stuff.

He’s a floor general”. Curry's fourth NBA title was especially sweet as the Warriors weren't really viewed as top NBA title favorites at the start of this past season. Now, Curry's goal will be to help the Warriors repeat as NBA champions this upcoming season.