LeBron James and NBA compliment Frances Tiafoe

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LeBron James and NBA compliment Frances Tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe probably played the best race of her career. The American tennis player surprisingly beat Rafael Nadal and eliminated the twenty-two-time Major winner from a Grand Slam in 2022 (he retired at Wimbledon). Excellent performance for the stars and stripes tennis player who triumphed in four sets and struck an incredible winning streak.

Tiafoe, evidently moved after the match, made the following statements about the match: "Today I played quite well. I went out on the court with the awareness of being able to do it and this made the difference. It also helped that I had played against him on a couple of occasions, but today I'm a completely different player.

Every time we play against Nadal, Federer or Djokovic asking if we can do it and this time I did. I'll tell it to my children, my grandchildren, I hope not to play against it anymore, but if it happens again I hope it will end with a victory again."

Big chance now for Tiafoe, who, after winning the most important match of his career, will face the Russian Andrey Rublev in the quarter-finals, in a match on paper that is anything but impossible. Tiafoe is the only American left in contention in the men's draw and at this point there are many expectations towards him.

There are no longer any players in the tournament who have won Grand Slam titles and now none of the 8 remaining players are clearly favorites over the others.

LeBron James and NBA compliment Frances Tiafoe

In US, Tiafoe's victory against Rafa Nadal was very prominent.

Two very famous NBA players, Philadelphia center Joel Embiid and especially Los Angeles Lakers legend LeBron James, posted a message to congratulate Frances. A message with many reactions with Tiafoe who literally sent a country into an uproar, lately very clouded in the world of tennis.

Here are the social posts:

Frances Tiafoe's dream finally comes true.

Under the lights of New York and the roar of the biggest pitch of all, the American plays the game of his life, yes, but he also puts an end to Rafa Nadal's race towards the twenty-three Grand Slam and first place in the ranking.

Or rather, he individually subscribes to the list of players capable of beating the Spanish phenomenon in a Major in 2022 and also guarantees Ruud and Alcaraz the chance to compete for the top of the ranking. With a sumptuous, at times surreal performance, the American tennis player highlights all the limits of a half-straight Nadal, rather predictable from the baseline and beyond frightened by the American's surrender in response.

That despite a hole in the second set, he unexpectedly restores the hierarchies and in the fourth set he even slips a series of 4 consecutive games from 3-1 Nadal, apparently back in the game. Tiafoe thus closes at 6-4 4-6 6-4 6-4 and obviously reaches for the first time in his career the quarter-finals on the blue brick of Flushing Meadows.