Reason why Luka Doncic is suing his mom for the control of his trademark revealed

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Reason why Luka Doncic is suing his mom for the control of his trademark revealed

After it was announced that the best Slovenian basketball player Luka Doncic filed a lawsuit with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in which he requested to cancel the registration of the brand "Luka Doncic 7" owned by his mother Mirjam Poterbin, the local media revealed an interesting the background of this move.

During his first season for the Mavericks (2018/19), at the age of 19, Dončić gave consent to his mother for the registration of his full name as a trademark, and in July 2021 he announced in writing that he wanted the said consent to be revoked.

The Slovenian then wanted to register his brand as "Luka Doncic 7", but the USPTO refused to do so because there is already a brand "Luka Doncic 7", and his mother did not want to cancel it. The Slovenian research portal "Uncensored" reveals that Doncic is not in a fight with his mother, but that the dispute was started in order to exclude her ex-boyfriend - businessman Boris Požeg, known as "Pixi" - from the story.

Luka Doncic Sues His Mother To Regain Control Of His Brand

Mirjam allegedly transferred the rights to Luka Doncic's brand in Slovenia to him while she was in a relationship with Požega. Since last October, Požeg has had 40 percent of the rights to the company "Luka Doncic 7", which operates in Europe, and Mirjam broke up with him in the meantime.

After the end of the love story, between Poterbin and Pože, family quarrels and the always unpleasant division of property started. Boris Požeg aka "Piksi" is a prominent businessman from Ljubljana.

He deals in real estate sales and catering. He was a co-owner of a famous hotel, and in the meantime, he switched to the ice cream industry and real estate sales. The lawsuit states that Dončić is not associated with the "Luka Doncic 7" brand and that he does not approve of placing goods and services under that name.

In any case, Doncic's road to the final restoration of his own brand will be long. The procedure will last at least until March 2024, and lawyers Mirjam Poterbin will have to respond to the request of Dončić's lawyers by the middle of next month.