Damian Lillard answers whether he plans to retire as Trail Blazer

Lillard, 32, has played for only one team so far in his career.

by Dzevad Mesic
Damian Lillard answers whether he plans to retire as Trail Blazer

Damian Lillard has made it clear that his intention is to indeed spend his entire career with the Portland Trail Blazers and he doesn't understand why some have a problem with his decision. Lillard, the sixth overall pick of the 2012 NBA draft, has been with the Blazers through thick and thin.

The last few seasons haven't been really great for the Trail Blazers, but Lillard never requested a trade. When the Trail Blazers decided to trade CJ McCollum earlier this year, some felt that Lillard may ask for a trade or be traded by Portland.

But Lillard is remaining loyal to the only team which he has played so far in his career.

Lillard on whether he plans to retire as a Trail Blazer

“Yes, I do (plan on being a Blazer for life),” Lillard said during his appearance on The Dave Pasche Podcast (h/t Casey Holdahl).

“I’ve had my share of people saying ‘Man, you got to get out of there! You’ve got to do this, you’ve got do to that.’ But I’m the type of person that I’m never going to be marching to the beat of nobody else’s drum.

I’m gonna always do what I feel like is in my best interest and that I really feel in my heart. I’ve said this on many different occasions, they call it ‘He’s being loyal!’. and ‘Loyalty this, loyalty that’ and I’m like, I’m naturally a loyal person but I do have a level of loyalty to the organization, but this loyalty that they’re talking about is ultimately to who I am as a person.

I’m being loyal to who I am and not getting beside myself because I’m somebody that, I believe what I believe”. Lillard's 2021/22 season was cut short after he decided to undergo a surgical procedure on his abdomen earlier this year. Lillard is making a good progress and he is expected to be ready for the start of the new NBA season.