Draymond Green reflects on his flagrant foul on LeBron James in NBA Finals

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Draymond Green reflects on his flagrant foul on LeBron James in NBA Finals

Draymond Green admits that he is to blame for the Golden State Warriors' loss in the 2016 NBA Finals. In Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals, Green committed a flagrant foul on LeBron James, who was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time.

After Game 4, the Warriors took a comfortable 3-1 lead and put themselves in the position to be just one win away from winning the NBA title. But Green was suspended for Game 5 and the Cavaliers went on to completely overturn the series and win the title in seven games.

"I take that on the chin. I cost us a championship. I'm fine with that. I can take that on the chin. No problem. I own up to my mistakes," Green said on the Checc'n Inpodcast. "Would I do it again? One thousand percent. If somebody try to step over me, I'm going to hit them."

Green on the play that cost him suspension

At halfcourt, Green and James got tangled.

After James tried to get back into the play by stepping over Green, the Warriors big man tried to hit James in the groin area. No foul was called on the play but the league later slapped Green with a flagrant foul, while James was hit with a technical.

"What I wouldn't do again is, I wouldn't allow myself to be in the position to where someone can make that decision and cost me," Green said. "And so guess what? If I get to that point again and you step over me, I'm going to try to hit you again.

But I wouldn't be in the same position with flagrant amount of points, with the amount of techs to where I leave that decision in someone else's hands." Green's suspension likely cost the Warriors the title six years ago, but Green reacted that way because he felt James tried to disrespect him.