Robert Sarver gives up: "I put the Phoenix Suns up for sale"

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Robert Sarver gives up: "I put the Phoenix Suns up for sale"

Robert Sarver eventually surrendered to all the criticism he received from the NBA world. He said: "I have embarked on the path that will lead me to the sale of Suns and Mercury. I regret some words that I have spoken that have ended up obscuring the work done successfully in Phoenix for two decades and as a man who believes in forgiveness and redemption.

A second chance? I suffer to see that none of this is still possible, and that whatever good I have done or can continue to do will always be overshadowed by the things I have said in the past. I don't want to be a distraction.

" Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury then in great turmoil about a week from the start of the training camp for the team of coach Monty Williams. The NBA punishment, a one-year suspension and a $ 10 million fine, seemed too light, but then came the much tougher positions of the Players' Association, which demanded his expulsion, in the words of the new No.

1 of the NBPA, Tamika Tremaglio, but also with the words of Draymond Green above all, LeBron James and Chris Paul. LeBron, after the press conference by Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, wrote on Twitter: "I have read the story of the Sarver case several times: I have to be honest, the NBA approached it the wrong way, there is no need to explain why.

We have all read what happened and we can give an opinion." James then added: "As I have said in the past and I want to repeat, there is no place in the NBA for this kind of attitude. I love this league and have a deep respect for those who lead it, but this is not a right decision.

There is no room for misogyny, se*ism and racism in the workplace. It does not matter if you own the team or a member of the franchise: we all work to make the NBA an example of our values ​​and this situation it is not." Adam Silver, in a press conference, almost defended Sarver in a way.

Silver explained Sarver has grown as a person in these many years of ownership of the Suns and that he has done so many positive things. Silver also said that he has no right to deprive Sarver of his franchise and that such a decision would mean taking legal action against him.