Ben Simmons hits out at Shaquille O'Neal for calling him out on national TV

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Ben Simmons hits out at Shaquille O'Neal for calling him out on national TV

Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons suggested that he wasn't happy that Shaquille O'Neal was calling him out on national television without previously reaching out to him to ask if he was dealing with something. After Simmons refused to play for the 76ers, O'Neal hit out at Simmons for being "soft" and "acting like a baby." In an appearance on The Old Man and the Three podcast, Simmons opened up about his battle with mental health issues and reflected on the time when O'Neal was publicly calling him out.

“I DM’d him and I was like, ‘why are you saying this if you don’t even know the story?’ ‘Cause he always wants to say like yo, we’re LSU brothers, you’re my brother, all this, that.

If you’re my LSU brother you would’ve reached out by now and it’s been months since I’ve been dealing with this. You ain’t reached out once and said like, ‘hey, you OK? Like, what’s going on.’”

O'Neal said Simmons was 'acting like a baby'

In February, O'Neal revealed that Simmons was hurt by some of the comments he made about him.

At the time, O'Neal said Simmons was "acting like a baby," but refused to reveal the details of their DMs. “He’s acting like a baby. He kind of got in my DM and said some things and I said some things back. I can’t [reveal what he said].

I can’t do that. All I said is ‘You’re leaving your man out there and you need to play.’ That’s all I said,” Shaq said in February. "Then he said some things but I’m not going to elaborate on what he said because that’s not cool.

He’s probably mad. He’s mad because I’m his LSU brother, and I am. I’m still his brother:" Prior to the trade deadline, Simmons was traded to the Nets, but didn't appear in any games last season. Simmons is expected to be ready for the start of this season.