Kawhi Leonard will return to the court at the beginning of the next NBA season.


Kawhi Leonard will return to the court at the beginning of the next NBA season.

One of the best basketball players today, Kawhi Leonard, will return to the court at the beginning of the next NBA season. A member of the LA Clippers was injured in the 2021 playoffs and missed the entire previous season as a result.

He is ready to play basketball again and was visibly happy about it, and was asked if he would have played if the Clippers were in the finals last season. "I mean, it's all woulda, coulda, shoulda right?" Leonard said when asked if he could have returned had the Clippers made the postseason.

"But yeah, if they would have made it to the Finals last year, you would have seen me playing." "Plan is tomorrow to start training camp," Leonard said at Clippers media day before the team flew to Las Vegas. "For me individually, I'll be participating in training camp.

Then from there, just seeing how my progression is, how I feel, what I'm not feeling, is it moving correctly, and just keep going from there, just gradually building up.

Kawhi Leonard ready to start the camp and play

"But right now, I feel good, and the plan is to start camp and play." "I feel stronger, for sure," Leonard said.

"It's been, what, 14, 15 months of no basketball -- well, playing in an NBA season for me, no basketball. That whole 13-, 14-month process is just lifting weights and getting stronger. I definitely got a lot stronger." "Right now I feel good in my workouts, weightlifting," Leonard said.

"I don't feel like I have a subconscious mind of not jumping off my leg per se. I feel good. We'll just see how the season goes. "And can't really tell you how that's going to work out." In addition to Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers will also have Paul George, as well as John Wall, Ivica Zubac, Robert Covington, Marcus Morris...

It is definitely a team for the greatest deeds. In his rich career, Leonard won the NBA League with the San Antonio Spurs and the Toronto Raptors. The Clippers believe that if he is 100 percent ready, he can bring them the first title in the history of the franchise.

They have never been close to the championship title in the NBA and are in the eternal shadow of their city rivals, the Lakers.