Matt Barnes hints suspended Celtics coach Ime Udoka slept with 'wrong woman'

The Celtics suspended Udoka for the entire season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Matt Barnes hints suspended Celtics coach Ime Udoka slept with 'wrong woman'

Matt Barnes thinks that Ime Udoka's coaching career may be over if NBA teams find out with who he was sleeping. Two weeks ago, the Boston Celtics announced Udoka was suspended for the entire season after having a consensual relationship with a female staffer.

The Celtics didn't reveal the name of the woman but some around the league have found out what really happened. Barnes, a former NBA player who now works as a basketball analyst, claims he has all the details. Barnes didn't reveal what really happened but suggested that Udoka really messed up something.

“But, like I heard it’s not about what he did, it’s about who he did it [with] that is really going to kind of flip the game upside down when it comes to this instance,” Barnes said. “This is not something that’s only the NBA.

This happens in the workplace all around. But like I said, it’s not so much the act”.

Barnes: Udoka may never coach again

“If everything comes out he’ll be lucky if he coaches in the NBA again,” Barnes said.

“I think it’s pretty heavy”. After the Udoka news initially came out, Barnes came to the defense of Udoka. The following day - after Barnes spoke with someone who had knowledge of the situation - he apologized and said that simply couldn't condone what Udoka did.

"Last night, without knowing all the facts, I spoke in Ime Udoka's defense," Barnes said on his Instagram Live. "After finding out the facts, I erased what I posted. This situation in Boston is deep. It's messy. It's 100 times uglier than any of us thought.

Some things happened that I can't condone, I can't back." There have been speculations ever since the Udoka news came out and that has put Celtics female staffers in an uncomfortable spot.