Kevin Durant not happy with Nets' handling of Kyrie Irving situation

Durant seemingly not impressed with Irving being suspended.

by Dzevad Mesic
Kevin Durant not happy with Nets' handling of Kyrie Irving situation

Kevin Durant wasn't impressed with how the Brooklyn Nets handled the Kyrie Irving situation. After Irving promoted a movie containing antisemitic material on his Twitter, the Nets called out his actions and ultimately suspended him.

Now, Durant feels the Nets "could have kept quiet" and remain focused on the basketball. “It’s an unfortunate situation for people that are impacted by this situation. It just sucks all around for everybody. Hopefully we can move past it.

That’s just the way of the NBA now. Media, so many outlets now and their stories hit pretty fast now. That’s where all the chaos is coming from, from everybody’s opinions. Everybody has an opinion on this situation and we’re hearing it nonstop.

But once the balls start bouncing and we get into practice none of that stuff seeps into the gym. So that’s the cool part about being in the league. But once you step off the court, everyone got the microphones out and the microscopes looking at you asking you what you feel about it.

That’s been difficult. But the game is the constant for us," Durant said, per The New York Post.

Durant clarifies himself

Durant's comments quickly went viral and he started receiving criticism on social media. Durant then took to Twitter to underline that he is against hate speect and antiasemitism.

“Just wanna clarify the statements I made at shootaround, I see some people are confused. I don’t condone hate speech or anti-semetism, I’m about spreading love always. Our game Unites [sic] people and I wanna make sure that’s at the forefront," Durant tweeted.

On Thursday, the Nets handed Irving a suspension - the suspension will be no fewer than five games.

On Friday night, the Nets are playing the Washington Wizards. After their first eight games of the season, the Nets are sitting at 2-6. It remains to be seen how will the Nets play while Irving is suspended.

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