Simone Fontecchio: "My time will come"

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Simone Fontecchio: "My time will come"
Simone Fontecchio: "My time will come"

Simone Fontecchio, player of Utah Jazz, spoke in an exclusive interview with Sky Sport, in which he told: "Covid was not pleasant, but the important thing is that my family did not take it. I enjoy the experience, which is extraordinary: Utah is a beautiful state and I did not expect it.

I knew I had to elbow, it is also right to be so. But having an impact against Houston gave me confidence, I felt good. To the Italian fans I say: do not worry about me, my time will come. Covid? The experience was not pleasant, but in the end I was only sick for a couple of days, so no big deal.

The most important thing is that my family is not It was positive. It will certainly make itself felt a bit in the reconditioning, but nothing serious. First months in the NBA? It was hard to imagine, especially coming from the outside: it's all really super, a crazy world.

For now I'm really enjoying it to the fullest travel and experience, getting me ready and learning rando as much as possible. For the moment the experience is extraordinary. Everyone who was with me in the national team this summer gave me lots of advice.

I have spoken and continue to talk a lot with Nicolò Melli, we often discuss our experiences and for me it is a great help. Surely it is an additional motivation that no one considered us before the start of the championship: it is something that united us a lot within the group and gives us strength and charge before the start of the game to show what we are worth and that kind of team we are.

Last quarter against Houston in which I scored 13 points? It was a good time. I was quite prepared knowing it was a back to back and therefore in the second game in two nights there would be a chance to play more, with a bit of fatigue on everyone's part.

I was ready, I was energized: entering the field and having an immediate impact was important in terms of confidence. I felt good, it was good. The city is gorgeous, Utah is a truly fantastic state: lots of nature and mountains, people are very friendly and helpful. A really nice place, I didn't expect it: you live really well. "

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