Paul Pierce weighs in on Kawhi Leonard often dealing with injuries

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Paul Pierce weighs in on Kawhi Leonard often dealing with injuries

NBA legend Paul Pierce thinks Kawhi Leonard is not being "held accountable enough" for often missing games. Leonard, who signed with the Los Angeles Clippers in the summer of 2019, missed the entire last season due to a torn ACL.

So far this season, Leonard has appeared in just two of the Clippers' 11 games. Since the 2017/18 season, Leonard has appeared in just 180 games. Now, Pierce says he has a problem with Anthony Davis receiving criticism for often missing games, but everybody keeping silent when it comes to Leonard often missing games.

“We don’t hold Kawhi accountable enough. Because him being at the status that he is, we mention him in the same breath of Bron, KD when he’s at his best but then how we talk about Anthony Davis not being available, we don’t put Kawhi in that group," Pierce said on the latest episode of his and Garnett's podcast, per Sports Illustrated.

Pierce thinks something is 'not truly right long-term' with Leonard

“I truly believe that something’s truly not right long-term with Kawhi. How much of Kawhi have we seen? We love watching Kawhi, at his peak he’s one of the best in the league.

So we’re like, we want to catch him on the court with this Clipper team," Pierce added. Over the weekend, Clippers head coach Ty Lue was asked about Leonard already missing time at the start of this season due to a knee injury.

Lue shrugged off concerns, insisting that the Clippers were prepared for a scenario like this since Leonard was coming off a major knee injury. "He is progressing well. We knew coming off an ACL, it wasn't going to be a straight line.

We talked about it before the season. The biggest thing is he's progressing well. We are going to follow the lead of our medical staff, we got to be smart about the situation, but he is progressing. He is in a good place, he is progressing and he is getting better so that is the most important thing," Lue said.