NBA scout tells how Kyrie Irving openly defied Steve Nash's play calls

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NBA scout tells how Kyrie Irving openly defied Steve Nash's play calls

An anonymous NBA scout told The New York Post that he witnessed Kyrie Irving blowing off Steve Nash's play calls 10 times in one game. On October 29, the Nets suffered a surprise 125-116 defeat to the Indiana Pacers. According to one experienced NBA scout, Irving 10 refused to run the play that Nash called.

A few days later, the Nets announced they were firing Nash. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Nash would call something, and he’d run the opposite. I’ve never seen anything like that," the scout told The New York Post.

The Nets fired Nash, suspended Irving

Shortly after firing Nash, the Nets also suspended Irving following his promotion of a movie full of antisemitic material. The Nets responded quite well to the Nash and Irving situations as they claimed back-to-back wins over the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Hornets late last week.

Following the win over the Hornets, Kevin Durant was asked about the adversity the team hit and if last week was the most challenging week of his career. "I've had some weeks -- we've fired coaches before, guys got injured.

It was just a tough week. But yeah, I've been through some tough weeks before. I don't want to act like this is some anomaly. There's a lot of s--- that goes on in the NBA. It's a chaotic league. And we're with each other every day, it's a six-month, seven-month season.

Something is going to happen. So it's really all about how you bounce back, and I'm glad we were able to bounce back, get two wins. But we got to keep pushing, keep building. That's the thing," Durant said. Through the first 11 games of the season, the Nets stand at 4-7. The Nets' 2021/22 season was full of drama and this season hasn't started well for them either.