LeBron James addresses injury sustained versus Clippers

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LeBron James addresses injury sustained versus Clippers
LeBron James addresses injury sustained versus Clippers

LeBron James said he "did not do anything extraneous" on the play on which he sustained an injury. On Thursday night, James exited the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers game midway through the fourth quarter. The Lakers said that James sustained a leg injury.

After the game, James revealed he felt something in his groin. "I didn't do anything extraneous on the play. Just when I landed, I felt a little spasm or strain in my groin. So immediately I had to come out after that on the next play down when I went to the free throw line," James explained, per ESPN.

James could play on Friday night

On Friday night, the Lakers are hosting the Sacramento Kings and James is not ruling out the possibility of playing. "I'll go around [the clock] treatment for 24 hours, and if it's OK on Friday, I'll be in the lineup," James said.

Meanwhile, the Lakers suffered another disappointment on Thursday night as the Clippers handed them a 114-101 loss. Following their third consecutive loss, the Lakers have fallen to a 2-9 record. In 30 minutes played against the Clippers, James had 30 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

During the game, James attempted just four free throws and made two of them. James, who hasn't been going frequently to the free-throw line this season, voiced some displeasure regarding that aspect. "I also would like for the whistle to be blown when I get hit.

I looked at a lot of guys tonight shoot a lot of jump shots and they're going nine, 13 times to the free throw line. I got to learn how to flop or something. Seriously. I need to learn how to do that. Swipe my head back or do something to get to the free throw line because the 'I missed it' [he hears as an explanation from the referees] is getting too repetitive. It's three games straight of 'I missed it,'" James said.

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