LeBron James and Kyrie Irving NBA most hated players on twitter!

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LeBron James and Kyrie Irving NBA most hated players on twitter!
LeBron James and Kyrie Irving NBA most hated players on twitter!

Who are the most hated NBA players? LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, apparently! The answer comes from a survey done by a betting site based on about 100,000 tweets issued in this early 2022-23 season. Irwing and LeBron are in first and second place on the list in 45 states out of 50, specifically LeBron in 17 and Kyrie even in 28.

Ben Simmons is the most hated in three states, Pennsylvania where the Philadelphia 76ers, his former team, are based, while Draymond Green of the Warriors and Kevin Durant of the Nets are not tolerated in one state each.

Per Durant comes from Ohio where for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 he signed the title win with Golden State against the Cleveland Cavs.

About LeBron

James is an active supporter of many charities, including the Boys & Girls Club of America, Children's Defense Fund, and ONEXONE.

He also founded his own association, called LeBron James Family Foundation, based in Akron, his hometown. He is also one of the producers of the television show The Wall. On 30 July 2018 he inaugurates a public school in his hometown of Akron, the I Promise School, to give a completely free study opportunity to children living in difficult conditions.

Starting from June 2019 he participates in the filming of Space Jam: New Legends, of which he is the protagonist and co-producer: the film is released in theaters on July 16, 2021. LeBron is also an investor and testimonial of the Calm app, one of the best in the Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation category.

He is one of the investors of Blaze Pizza, a pizza chain. With an investment of less than one million for 10% of the company, that investment has now already risen to over 30 million. LeBron has invested in Status PRO, an augmented reality and virtual reality company founded by Andrew Hawkins and Troy Jones, both former football players.

Investors also include Naomi Osaka and Drake. He also invests in the famous Lobos tequila, which he also brought to the sidelines in an NBA game. Lastly, the NBA star also invested in Lyft, a private transportation company.

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