(WATCH) Luka Doncic missed the potential game-winning shot and blamed the referees

On the floors of the NBA League, the night from Sunday to Monday was very exciting, and behind us are eight duels in which we saw a real sensation.

by Faruk Imamovic
(WATCH) Luka Doncic missed the potential game-winning shot and blamed the referees

There have been many exciting moments on the NBA League floors over the past few days, and we can look back on eight duels in which a real sensation took place during that time period. Probably one of the biggest surprises of the evening, and perhaps the whole period, was the victory of the Denver basketball team over Dallas in what turned out to be an extremely dramatic match.

It ended with a score of 97:98. It would not have been such a big surprise if Nikola Jokić was on the field. However, the Nuggets without their most important player provided a game beyond expectations and defeated Luka Dončić and company.

The Slovenian basketball player scored 22 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists and was close to a triple-double performance. However, not enough to win against Denver led by Nah Shon Hyland with 29 points. “It’s an important differential but I don’t think it decided the fate of the match” explained Luka Doncic afterward.

“I don’t think I was off the field. I’ve seen videos and it doesn’t even look like I’m hitting the line, my heel was up." Apart from Jokić, the second-best player Jamal Murray did not play for Denver either.

Both were unavailable due to the coronavirus. In the end, Luka Dončić had a shot to win, but he missed from a distance and then "lashed out" at the referees. The tandem of Klay Thompson (41) and Steph Curry (33) scored as many as 74 points combined in the first away victory of the current champions.

Thompson and Curry led their Golden State to a 127:120 victory over Houston. Kyrie Irvnig returned to the field after being suspended for anti-Semitic comments and helped Brooklyn beat Memphis 127:115. He scored 14 rebounds, and Kevin Durant led the team with 26 points.

All results:

  • Phoenix - New York 116:95
  • Sacramento - Detroit 137:129
  • Washington - Charlotte 106:102
  • Brooklyn - Memphis 127:115
  • Cleveland - Miami 113:87
  • Houston - Golden State 120:127
  • Dallas - Denver 97:98
  • LA Lakers - San Antonio 123:92

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