Jayson Tatum reveals what he told Luka Doncic after blocking Mavs star

Tatum led the Celtics to a win over Doncic's Mavs.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jayson Tatum reveals what he told Luka Doncic after blocking Mavs star

Jayson Tatum jokingly revealed he told Luka Doncic he had to block him because he didn't want to be put on a poster. On Wednesday night, the Boston Celtics handed the Dallas Mavericks a 125-112 defeat. Late in the game, Tatum blocked Doncic and ultimately sealed the win for the Celtics.

“I told Luka I had to block it because I didn’t want him to dunk on me," Tatum said of blocking Doncic.

Tatum was praised by Doncic

Doncic had a game-high of 42 points, while Tatum had a team-high for the Celtics of 37 points.

Besides Tatum, Jaylen Brown also had a great for the game Celtics as he scored 31 points. When asked about Tatum and Brown, Doncic was full of praise as he described them as "the best duo in the league." "They're probably the No.

1 team in the league, and they probably have the best duo in the league, too. And we're in the Garden -- it's always a special game. You have to come 100 percent. If you're not, you're probably going to lose. It's a big game. Just watching their game.

I think a lot of people can see that. I think the way they play. I know people try to separate them but they fit together, they went to the Finals last year, so I think those two are really great players. They have one of the best records and they're missing I think a key guy, Williams III.

I am impressed by his game, have always liked his game. So with him being out, and them having this record, that's why I said that," Doncic said of Tatum and Brown. The Celtics currently own a 14-4 record and are the top-ranked team in the Eastern Conference.

Tatum has been great at the start of the season and that's one of the biggest reasons why the Celtics have been winning so much.

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