Nia Long: "Boston Celtics? Not even a call"

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Nia Long: "Boston Celtics? Not even a call"
Nia Long: "Boston Celtics? Not even a call"

Nia Long released her first interview on the story that saw Ime Udoka as the protagonist. Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter magazine, the actress said that she is moving from Boston to Los Angeles with her two sons Massai and Kez: "The thing that broke my heart the most was seeing my son's face when the The Boston Celtics have decided to go public with a very private situation.

It was devastating and still is. He still has moments that aren't easy for him. But since they say they are interested in protecting women, I'm sorry to let you know that no one from the The organization even called me to ask if I was okay or if my kids were okay.

It was disappointing. Being with him is the most important thing because he didn't have a great time." Ime Udoka allegedly had an affair with a woman from the Boston Celtics organization which led to his suspension by the green-and-white franchise, resulting in the promotion of Joe Mazzulla as head coach.

This upset her relationship with partner Nia Long. Udoka is currently still suspended by the Celtics and his move to the Brooklyn Nets has since failed to materialise.

Ime Udoka's career

Udoka has Nigerian ancestry on his father's side, which allowed him to play for the Nigeria National Basketball Team in the 2006 World Basketball Championship.

His sister Mfon played in the WNBA. His mother, who died in 2011, was an American from Illinois. In August 2012, Udoka joined the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach to Gregg Popovich. Udoka won his first NBA title after the Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals 4–1.

Udoka was key in getting the Spurs to sign LaMarcus Aldridge in 2015, as they both played together for the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2006-07 season. On June 23, 2021, he became head coach of the Boston Celtics after the resignation of Danny Ainge from the role of General Manager, who was replaced by then coach Brad Stevens.

After a difficult start to the season, at the beginning of 2022 he manages to change the situation in Boston, boasting the team with the best defense in the league from January onwards; this will lead him to win the February 2022 Coach of the Month award.

Thanks to him, in fact, in 2022 the Boston Celtics will have the second best record in the league with 21 wins and 8 losses, allowing them to go back from the area valid for the qualification of the Play -In straight to second place in the Eastern Conference.

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