Trae Young weighs in on reported disagreement with coach Nate McMillan

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Trae Young weighs in on reported disagreement with coach Nate McMillan

Trae Young revealed that he had a conversation with coach Nate McMillan and suggested that everything is fine between them. On Friday, Young was listed as out for the Atlanta Hawks and Denver Nuggets game due to a shoulder injury.

The Athletic then reported that Young and Hawks coach McMillan had a disagreement during the shootaround. According to the report, Young wanted his shoulder to be treated instead of participating in the shootaround but McMillan wanted him to be active in the shootaround and receive treatment during the walk-through.

When Young refused to do so, McMillan reportedly told him he could come off the bench or skip the entire game. "I mean, it was just a situation. I mean, we're all grown men here and there's some times we don't always agree.

And it's unfortunate that private situations and private conversations got out to the public. But I guess that's the world we live in now. But yeah, I'm just going to focus on basketball and focus on helping my team win. And that's what I got to be focusing on," Young said.

Young on his reported beef with McMillan. It is private

Young admitted that he wasn't a fan of those things being made public. "Like I said, it's a private matter. Again, made public, which is unfortunate. And if it was to stay private, it probably wouldn't have been as big of a deal.

But like I said, it's unfortunate, and my job and my goal is to win championships. And that's what I focus on," Young added. Meanwhile, coach McMillan claimed he never told Young not to play the game. "One thing I that do want to respond (to), there was something said about me telling Trae to not show up for a game.

I will never, ever and have never, ever told a player not to show up for a game. That's just false," McMillan noted. Meanwhile, Young returned to the Hawks' lineup during Tuesday's 121-114 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Young had 23 points in the loss to the Thunder.