Inside Chicago Bulls crisis

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Inside Chicago Bulls crisis

Only three other times in their history have the Chicago Bulls conceded this much in a single game, with the last 152-point game dating back to November 3, 1982, forty years ago. Bulls players are self-critical, even with harsh words.

The defeat in Minneapolis, for the Chicago Bulls is, so far, the worst of the season. Goran Dragic explained: "We don't play for each other, it's very simple. It's easy to talk about sacrificing yourself, especially when others have to do it.

Then when one has to do it personally, the story changes. But we have to realize that we're all in the same boat: we have to trust each other, protect each other's backs, carry a good block, give up a shot for a better one.

These are the details we lack. And in this league anyone can beat you: there are we are realizing."

Chicago Bulls in crisis!

Coach Donovan told, "But we have to compete on a whole other level defensively, and it all starts with the fact that the five players have to be connected.

I can also call the zone or use different pick and roll defenses, but if the competition doesn't high enough, it makes no difference." LaVine added: "We are frustrated, us first and also the fans. It was embarrassing. Yet I think there are selfless guys in here: when we joined forces, we all agreed to take a step back trying to play the right way .

Even if I can play one-on-one, I try to turn the side around to serve a teammate. I know Vucevic often has a mismatch in the post, but we ask him to open the court. And the same goes for DeMar." DeRozan said: "This defeat should be a lesson in understanding what happens when you're not connected, when you don't play as a team, when you don't understand what the group needs to help each other out.

It's embarrassing to concede so many points. I mean no disrespect to Minnesota, it's not like we were playing the 2016 Golden State Warriors."