"LeBron James is amazing," said former NBA star

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"LeBron James is amazing," said former NBA star

Russell Westbrook meanwhile commented on the Los Angeles Lakers' win against Denver. In the press conference they said he became the first Lakers player capable of sending two triple-doubles off the bench. He said: "Our energy in the second half made the difference, the rhythm changed.

When we play like this it becomes difficult to beat each other. I try to do everything possible to help those around me improve, I know what I'm capable of on the pitch I live for moments like these, I play basketball to see my teammates do well and see the joy in the eyes of Thomas Bryant, Austin Reaves, Lonnie Walker IV.

We can build on that. The feeling with LeBron depends on several factors: the position in on the pitch, his excellent coordination work on the parquet. On the counterattack I know he's one of the best and when he takes a run-up the opponents can do little.

My job is to make his game easier."

"LeBron James is amazing," said former NBA star

Dwyane Wade, former NBA star and now TV presenter of The Cube, returned to talk about teammate LeBron James in an interview for Sports Illustrated.

Wade said: "I can't say I'm surprised if I talk about LeBron. Sometimes I think we live in the LeBron James era and we haven't had a chance to look back yet. When we do, we'll realize that what he did he will be even bigger than he seems now, both on and off the pitch.

When I say these things I am not speaking for him, but I speak as someone who has spent a lot of time next to him. He is not a selfish person while playing, but if there's a record he wants to break more than the all-time assists record, it's precisely that of points.

And it's because many tell him he can't do it. Just in what doesn't come naturally to him, he has the opportunity to do something we will see again maybe 40 years from now. It's incredible. If I can't be there with him when he breaks the record, at least I want to be in front of the TV, I'll definitely be one of the first messages that sees the game over."